Saturday, 23 January 2016

Summarizes 2015 and saying goodbye to the blog!

It's been 5 years since I started this blog. Quit amazing five years if you think about it. Lately I have been to busy with life and I hadn't had the time to update the blog and a blog that nobody updates it's just boring... So instead of feeling boring and guilty about not updating the blog I decided that it's time to turn a page and end this blog. But first lets summarize the past year with a few unpublished pictures...

2015 started with a lovely trip to Dubai where H popped the question and after saying no (in pure chock) I finally said yes!

The spring was a lot about planning for the big event. Buying the dress and the SHOES!

On a warm day in June my closest friends surprised me with a bachelorette party, a memory for life...

And in July Hs sister and mother finally arrived all the way from Canada to spend a few precious weeks with us...

And of course also to attend our wedding. The rain was pouring down and it was the most perfect and wonderful day I could ever have hoped for...

The summer ended way to fast and it was time for Lovisa to start school and for me to start a new job as a university lecturer at Karolinska Institutet. It's been a busy fall indeed. We finished the years with a few weeks Christmas break and although we didn't get a white Christmas it was a well needed break from our everyday life.

After the Christmas break I decided it was about time to throw the wedding bouquet out and it was a nice way to end 2015. 

It's really fun to have the blog to look back on the last 5 years. My dissertation, Andrea's birth, living in Canada, moving back to Sweden, starting to work after almost 3 years of parental leave, buying our house were we live now, seeing the girls grow and develop, turning a page with starting my new job - it's all so much that it's not strange I feel a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. Anyway - thank you to all my readers for being a part of our life, writing comments and following us. Take care and hope to see you all in another forum some day! Love to you all!

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  1. Tack för att vi fått ta del av din vardag! Ser fram emot att förhoppningsvis ses snart! Kram Lena